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April 23, 2019

On this Day: The Man in the Arena

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Ever wondered if your speech fell flat? Theodore Roosevelt wasn't so sure about this one--though his famous lines have lived on to inspire in a variety of ways.

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April 12, 2019

On This Day: The Ballot or the Bullet

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The speech he gave on this day is considered one of the top 10 American speeches of the 20th century. Here's what we can learn from Malcolm X and "The Ballot or the Bullet."

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April 3, 2019

On This Day: I've Been to the Mountaintop

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The final oration from an inspiring leader and one of the greatest speakers of all time: A look at Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Mountaintop" speech in Memphis.

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March 21, 2019

Patrick Henry's Death-Defying Oratory

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Patrick Henry's best-known speech makes the case for passion, parallel structure, and the power of simple words. But did he really say his most famous line? Or did he ad lib something else?

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February 5, 2019

State of the Union: Rhetorical Device Bingo

Rhetorical Devices , Just For Fun , Significant Speeches

What rhetorical devices will make their way into the State of the Union address? And will you be able to spot them all? Play Rhetorical Device Bingo with us and see if you're a winner...

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January 28, 2019

Winning with Humor: 'Should Men Vote?'

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Suffragist Nellie McClung was tired of the put downs and excuses, so she used her talents for public speaking and humor to fight back...

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January 5, 2019

Helen Keller's Remarkable Public Speaking

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We all know Helen Keller as a remarkable person--but how much do you know about her career as a public speaker? On January 5, 1916, 35-year-old Keller spoke at Carnegie Hall...

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December 7, 2018

FDR's Speech and the Day That Lives in Infamy

On This Day , Significant Speeches , Great Speeches , Public Speaking

How Franklin D. Roosevelt drafted one of history's best known and oft misquoted lines--and what his speech can teach us about the importance of working to find the right words...

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November 19, 2018

On This Day: The Gettysburg Address

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Seven score and 15 years ago on this day, Abraham Lincoln delivered a 270 word address that is still teaching us lessons about public speaking today...

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November 4, 2018

On This Day: Obama 2008 Victory Speech

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Making history with his election 10 years ago, Barack Obama delivered a speech that referenced Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and most of all, Abraham Lincoln.

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September 23, 2018

On This Day: The Checkers Speech

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On this day in 1952, Richard Nixon and a cocker spaniel gave the world a televised address we still talk about. Check out the Checkers speech....

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September 12, 2018

On This Day: 'We choose to go to the Moon'

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We do these things "not because they are easy, but because they are hard." On this day in 1962, President Kennedy gave a speech with lines that still resonate. What he said, how he said it, and what you can learn about speeches to inspire a vision...

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August 28, 2017

The Dream Speech: 54 Years Ago Today

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Fifty-four years ago on this day, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered "I Have a Dream" on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Everyone claims to know this speech...but do they really?

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