The Buckley Experience

"Nothing has come close to the personal attention and standard of coaching I received at your school." - Excerpt of an email From an executive seminar graduate.

Public Speaking Help:
What the Buckley Experience Can Do For You

We deliver one-of-a-kind presentation skills training that will have a real and immediate effect on your public speaking ability.

We guarantee this won’t be your typical corporate training. It’s far too interesting, personalized, and dynamic.

You Will Learn To:

Play To Your Strengths

Public speaking is the most individual of talents. There is no single recipe that makes for a good speaker. Through our small classes, hands-on coaching, and personalized feedback, you discover your strongest assets and how to use them.

Overcome Fears

We understand that public speaking can be nerve-wracking. We’ve discovered that when you’re passionate about your message, anxieties fade—so we’ll help you find that fire and become fearless in your presentations.

Conquer Bad Habits

A nervous laugh or excessive ums can be obvious to everyone except the speaker. Our coaches are kind but honest — and give you techniques and tips to overcome the habits that get in your way, so your best presentation skills shine through.

Be Ready For Every Challenge

We construct high-stress situations such as hostile press conferences or client Q&A sessions—then give you the chance to practice in a supportive learning environment. You'll improve at thinking on your feet, defending your best ideas, and providing answers that promote better communication with clients and co-workers.