The Buckley Experience

"Nothing has come close to the personal attention and standard of coaching I received at your school." - Excerpt of an email From an executive seminar graduate.

What the Buckley Experience Can Do For You

We deliver one-of-a-kind presentation skills training that will have a real and immediate effect on your public speaking ability.

We guarantee this won’t be your typical corporate workshop. It’s far too interesting and dynamic.

You Will Learn To:

Play To Your Strengths

Public speaking is the most individual of talents. There is no single recipe that makes for a good speaker.

Through our small classes and personalized coaching, you discover your strongest assets and how to use them.

Overcome Fears

We understand that public speaking can be nerve-wracking. We’ve discovered that when you’re passionate about your message, anxieties fade—so we’ll help you find that fire.

Speak With Clarity And Wit

You can’t speak clearly until you can think clearly. We teach you how to organize thoughts, challenge assumptions, find the best words, and use your sense of humor to engage your audience.

Conquer Bad Habits

One problem with nervous laughs or excessive ums is they’re often obvious to everyone except the speaker. Our coaches are kind but honest — and give you techniques to overcome habits that get in your way.

Be Ready For Every Challenge

We prepare you by constructing high-stress situations such as hostile press conferences or client Q&A sessions—then give you the chance to practice in a supportive learning environment.