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The Buckley School Experience

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The Buckley School offers one-of-a-kind presentation skills training that will have a real and immediate effect on your public speaking ability. We guarantee this won’t be your typical corporate workshop. It’s far too interesting and dynamic.

We take an unconventional approach: You’ll spend most of your time on your feet, applying what you’re learning. Our public speaking coaches’ passion is contagious. They work with participants one-on-one, matching instruction to individual needs and strengths. Class size and interactive lessons also lead to exceptional camaraderie among participants.

Our public speaking training will help you:

Play to your strengths

Public speaking is the most individual of talents. There is no single recipe that makes for a good speaker. Each person brings different strengths and experiences to the table. Through our small classes and personalized coaching, you discover your strongest assets and ways to use them to full benefit.

Overcome fears

We understand that speaking before an audience can be nerve-wracking. We’ve discovered that when you’re passionate about your message, your anxieties fade into the background. We’ll help you find your fire and overcome any nerves that threaten to keep you quiet.

Speak with clarity, wit, and confidence

You can’t speak clearly until you can think clearly. We teach you how to organize your thoughts, challenge your own assumptions, and build ethical arguments based on solid logic. You learn to communicate in a way that engages your audience.

Conquer bad habits

One problem with distracting habits such as nervous laughter, swaying, or excessive ums is that they’re often obvious to everyone but the speaker. Our coaches are kind but honest —and give you the tools to overcome the habits that are getting in your way.

Be prepared for anything

We prepare you for difficult challenges by constructing high-stress situations such as hostile press conferences or client Q&A—then give you the chance to practice in a supportive learning environment.

Our public speaking workshops force you out of your comfort zone. But that’s why participants enjoy them so much and find them so valuable.

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