Executive Seminar Testimonials
Private Coaching and On-Site training

Executive Seminar Testimonials

The Executive Seminar was indescribably excellent, and the best investment of time and money I can think of!

Judith DiMaio, AIA, Dean of the School of Architecture and Design,
New York Institute of Technology

I put to good use the many skills learned at a speech before several hundred diplomats and staff at the United Nations. While I had made many presentations since attending your school, as well as radio and television interviews, the UN speech was the first larger scale project. It made a huge difference.

 —Jason Poblete, Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Over the course of my business career I have been conscripted to a myriad of presentations/programs conducted by self-proclaimed, or corporately ordained, “experts.” That I can’t recall their number or names should give you a feel for the collective value I retained. In stark contrast stands The Buckley School of Public Speaking Executive Seminar. This was, without question, the most valuable business seminar in which I have ever been involved.

Daniel E. Kennedy, Central Area Manager, Global Marketing Services

My recent experience at The Buckley School, in no short order, changed my life. It made me a more confident, polished and secure orator. I find it unfortunate and incredible that as a college English major, former M.B.A. student in a prestigious program, or while pursuing my law degree, I never had the chance to take a class like this. It would have made such a difference in my professional development, self-confidence and life decisions if I had. 

Kimberly M. Burns, Esq., Vice-President, Government Affairs—Maryland Inc

I cannot begin to express how impressed I was with your coaching methods and [am] so very grateful for the experience. I have attended a few courses over the last year or two and nothing has come close to the personal attention and standard of coaching I received at your school.

Cybelle Brown, Vice President, BET Digital Networks and BET Event Productions

As you may recall, when I attended the seminar I was a candidate for State Party Chairman for the Ohio GOP. Last Friday, I was elected Chairman, garnering over 87% of the vote. Many have told me that my performance exceeded expectations, and I’ve even been asked by one member to send her a copy of my speech, which she said was one of the best she’s ever heard. Those comments would not have been possible for me just a few months ago. By taking in the direction and input given to me at The Buckley School, and practicing the techniques, I’ve improved. Thank you.

Matthew Borges, Chairman, Ohio Republican Party

The Executive Seminar is the best damn educational investment your ill-gotten gains will ever buy! 

Jeffrey Scott Szorik, Assistant Treasurer, Shurgard

Over the last 28 years, I have attended numerous conferences, seminars, classes, workshops, offsites, and onsites: 99% of them were a complete waste of time. However, I would repeat every one of them if the end result was three days at The Buckley School. I have never so thoroughly enjoyed a seminar, the instructors, or the company of fellow conferees. 

Andrew Pearson, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Investments

It has been 28 days and two hours since I said farewell to you and my very energized fellow classmates after having spent three wonderful days at The Buckley School of Public Speaking. I could not let this month end without again thanking you for the part you played in one of the most enriching educational experiences of my life.

Paul T. Daudlin, President; Daudlin, De Beaupre and Company

Thank you for developing an exceptional course. The curriculum was challenging, demanding and enlightening. Multiple speaking opportunities led to meticulous evaluations and identified microscopic faults in our presentations. I was amazed by the participants’ exponential growth. 

Gregory J. Wilson, Vice President and Area Manager, CH2M Hill

The comprehensive nature of the program was impressive, and the quality of instruction was superb.  I am amazed at the high level of detail and personal coaching I received, amidst a fast-moving schedule that utilized every available minute. 

Brad Dean, President and CEO, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

 I must tell you what a remarkable week it was! Each of you provides a tremendous service and I feel blessed that I had an opportunity to spend a week with you. Your highly personal teaching methods provide just the right touch to instill confidence. I can’t wait to give my next speech. 

Marty McFarland, President, Dealer Services Corporation

As I traveled back to my home Friday night, I struggled with just exactly what I was feeling after three days at the school. Exhilaration, excitement, confidence, and a sincere sense that I had just completed one of the most important events in my life. The school is not as it had been portrayed! It is better!

Mike England, SunAmerica

I would like to express my deepest thanks for the experience I had at the Buckley School. I have described it as being life-changing and empowering for me. It is at the top of my short list of memorable things I have ever taken part in and I would highly recommend it to anyone. 

Linda Apkarian, Vice President, MarketView Research

I still have a day left, but I don’t need more time to recommend this program. The Buckley School is one of the best values in professional education. Every student is getting personal attention and honest, detailed feedback. There is no time wasted. 

Bob Pritchett

The program was a refreshing change from many canned and sterile seminars and workshops I’ve been to in the past. There was a wealth of information with an undertone of sincerity, warmth, and integrity.

 —John C., Avalon Bay Communities Inc

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Private Coaching and On-Site training

I have been involved in public speaking for a long time—and I thought I was somewhat proficient at it. However, after seeing my before and after tapes, I realized that many of my most important points were being missed by my audiences because of MY poor delivery. You will delight in knowing that after coming over to work with Karen on a keynote address for a bankers’ convention, I received the highest evaluation and comments I’ve ever gotten as a speaker. My thoughts were the same–but The Buckley School helped me better organize and present them. The difference in the outcome was amazing

Tom A. Bryan, Executive Vice President, The Bankers Bank

I gave my first campaign speech in Washington on Friday to a room of approximately 1,000 people from all over the country. I was a little nervous, but not nearly as nervous as I had expected. I felt confident. I felt energized. Throughout the weekend following the speech, I had numerous people congratulate me on a “wonderful,” “passionate,” and “statesmanlike” talk. … I could not have done it without your help!

Thompson E. Penney, FAIA, President/Chief Executive Officer, LS3P Associates Ltd.

My commendations to your coaches for their efforts at the 1½ -day in-field workshop during [Global Marketing Services’] recent meeting in Tempe, Arizona. Although the time was constrained and the curricula twisted toward our specific corporate needs, the two of them had a significant impact. The presentations given by the attendees the following day (to the IBM executives to whom we are beholden) were not only well-received, they were commented upon as being strikingly effective.

Daniel E. Kennedy, Central Area Manager, Global Marketing Services

Just a note of thanks for your team’s excellent teaching. I learned more in 1 day than in a semester in speech at the University of Arizona. As the Chinese say, when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. 

Brian E. Condit, M.D.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a most enjoyable and valuable experience. I’ve been involved in writing speeches for more than 20 years and have attended or observed a number of public speaking training sessions. But I’ve not experienced one of the caliber of yours. You’ve helped give my speeches a whole new dimension

Steve Mehlman, Consumer Representative, AARP

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