Sloppy thought is not tolerated, dogmas are expelled–
and happy hour is a high-spirited free-for-all

At our Disciplined Thinking seminars, nationally-known scholars lead discussions of profound issues. Conferees put their critical thinking and persuasive speaking powers to the test in a lively, highly-competitive debate, an event the public is invited to attend.

The 11th Biannual Disciplined Thinking Seminar was held April 30-May 2, 2014 with former Congressman and Heritage Foundation Director Jim DeMint as the keynote speaker.

This year’s debate topic was:

Resolved: The American Republic Can Survive and Prosper if, and only if, the People of the States United Break the Back of Bureaucratic Power.

Plans are in development now for the next Disciplined Thinking seminar. Please direct all inquiries to seminar director Pam Schreiner at