From a lunch with clients to how you shake hands when you meet the CEO, the impression you create can make all the difference.

Yeah, thanks for that helpful observation–right? 

We all know that good impressions are important–
especially for talented people who have a lot to offer.

Our corporate etiquette and protocol programs help you decipher the “secret code” of the well-mannered and socially savvy, with common-sense guidelines for handling:

  • Dining etiquette for business meals
  • The dreaded work cocktail event
  • Correspondence–including emails
  • Meetings and introductions
  • Vague “business casual” dress codes
  • International protocol, for those who work globally

Our instructors are certified by The Protocol School of Washington.  They also draw on their expertise, experience in business and social settings, and bring a fun-loving sense of humor to this course.

With tips and tricks for remembering the basic rules, we’ll show you that good manners are for everyone–and that learning proper business etiquette doesn’t have to be stuffy.