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The Difference One Small Word Can Make

“You have the easiest job in the world,” the boss said to his staff. That’s what one speaker tried out on us when we were practicing delivering messages to different audiences. He meant it as encouragement: Our company makes a great product, one that people love. Your job is easy, because all you have to do […]

An app for that? Um, maybe

“We should resist the call to scrub our speech of ‘filler words,’ accents, and other markers of where we come from and how we relate to people.” –Nora Caplan-Bricker taking issue with speech improvement apps Ummo is an iPhone app released by a team of MIT and Harvard students. It promises to track your ums, likes and you knows, […]

Descriptive Gestures and the Candidate

“Far be it from us to question the strength of Donald Trump’s mighty hands.” –Bloomberg Politics We’re getting a kick today out of a video from Bloomberg Politics that’s collected Donald Trump’s gestures from a speech he made at a political rally in Buffalo. Bloomberg reports documenting 73 different gestures including “bunny hands,” the “I know […]

A Lesson in Gestures from March Madness

Like most everyone else, we thought the answer Taurean Prince provided after the Yale-Baylor game yesterday was pretty darned perfect.  And while we were chuckling at it, we also had to note: Great use of descriptive gestures and body language, sir! We’re always encourage our speakers to use their hands to show us things, and […]

A Delightful Christmas List

“3. Ladies who shop at liquor stores who are at least 80 years old dress very, very well.” –Cathy Monetti In our Writing and Organizing workshop, we look at all the ways to put a message together–trying to determine which scheme works best for audience and subject matter. Here’s a fun use of the list that turned up […]

Adventures in Panel Discussions

Recently, a long-time client asked us to develop a custom day of training to help their experts make better use of panel discussions. A look at earlier panels they’d organized showed something we (and no doubt you) have seen a lot: speakers made statements, one after the other, with little or no interaction. Meanwhile, the […]

Lessons All Around You

“You’ve got to view those folks that have the power to engage and just take notes on what they do.” –Christopher Emdin TED Talk, “Teach Teachers How to Create Magic” Every once in a while, time spent goofing around on Facebook pays off–as when we came across this TED talk by Christopher Emdin. A Columbia […]

Great Debate…Topics?

“They hate to lose.” -John Donvan on how teams respond to the outcome of an Intelligence Squared U.S. debate, though he could easily be talking about any debate team that has ever taken the stage at The Buckley School Because we use debate as a tool for teaching public speaking, we’re always searching for new […]

Jargon: Silos, Parking Lots & Flagpoles

“Blue skying. It’s like brainstorming but much, much worse.” -from a Fast Company ballot for worst corporate jargon This week, we’ve had fun watching the votes add up for worst corporate jargon–as the editors at Fast Company have highlighted some of the phrases we ask our clients to consider ditching. Some of these contenders you […]