“My frustration in watching worthy folk make blithering idiots of themselves in public moved me to found The Buckley School of Public Speaking.”

Reid Buckley

Our Purpose

You have something worth saying. The Buckley School’s job is to help you say it with clarity and confidence.

public speaking training

Many executives and professionals rise to leadership positions because they are talented and knowledgeable, then find themselves challenged to speak. Other brilliant, capable people–engineers, designers, researchers, financial analysts–find that they can’t advance to the senior executive level unless they develop better communication skills.

Leaders must be able to make persuasive presentations to investors, give inspirational speeches to employees, hold their own in media interviews, and more.

The Buckley School helps CEOs, established executives and emerging leaders conquer fears and obstacles common to public speaking. Our unique workshops feature individualized coaching from highly trained, supportive staff.  Our methods are designed to eliminate problems and develop confident speakers.

We offer personalized public speaking training through courses open to individuals. We can also bring custom-designed programs to your location, and conduct presentation skills training exclusively for your staff.

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Public Speaking Training

Our History

More than 30 years ago, Reid Buckley got the notion to use his experience as a professional speaker, writer, and debater to help businesspeople. He combined classic training and on-your-feet practice with immediate feedback, all delivered with irreverence, a warm heart, and a sense of humor.

The Buckley School held its first seminar in 1988. In the decades since, the school has become known for its ability to help speakers tap into their talents and shine.

We’ve stayed busy largely because of our clients have encouraged others to seek us out. We’re gratified that our training speaks for itself.

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